Full time contractual programming position, DOT NET Programming

Full time contractual programming position (mostly scraping, databasing)

Project Description:

This is a full time contractual role needed for a sports advisory service. We are data insights consultancy specializing in sports. We consult to a number of sporting organizations in a variety of different roles.

Your role will be as a full time programmer, implementing solutions as instructed by our head programmer. This can be an opportunity to grow in experience over the 12 month period, working under a senior programmer with a lot of industry knowledge. We hope to maintain a multi-year relationship beyond the first year with somebody that suitably fulfills our programming needs.

The successful applicant will need to have:

* Strong knowledge of the programming language C# and .NET framework

* Strong knowledge of SQL Server database, you have to be able to demonstrate the ability to Create, Maintain and Query a Database

* Understanding of IOC containers and how they should be used

* Understanding of XPath and XML query language.

In addition, the successful applicant can have:

* Sign a Non Disclosure Agreement in reference to all work conducted for our organization

* Creativity and initiative, if a better solution is seen, the programmer should readily voice their opinion on how to conduct processes more efficiently

* Flexible in quickly moving from project to project

* Good programming habits with well structured and commented code that conforms to industry standards

Application requirements:

* Cover letter briefly addressing your suitability for the needs


Prepare a Console application that asks the user to input their name. When the user inputs their name it should print out "Hello {name}!". The application could loop and ask the user the same question again after they have entered an answer. If the user enters "exit" the application could end.

There can be conditions for certain names where a different output should be shown if these names are entered. They are as given.

Name    Output

Micky    "Hello Mr Mouse!"

James   "Hello Jimmy!"

Time      "The time is: {time}"

Skills required are .NET, C# Programming, ASP, MVC, SQL

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