Frames inside other frames, PHP Web Programming

Here we will discuss how to divide frames into distinct frames that means how to put horizontal frames in a vertical one & vice-versa. Here we will divide a frame in half horizontally.



<TITLE>My Frame Page- The Master Page</TITLE>


<FRAMESET COLS="50,*,2*">

<FRAME SRC="One.htm">

<FRAME SRC="Two.htm">

<FRAMESET ROWS="50%,50%">

<FRAME SRC="Three.htm">

<FRAME SRC="Four.htm">



Here the frame three is at the top & four at the bottom. It has been done just to exemplify how to attain the effect and is not meant to recommend that you in fact divide up your pages like this. Too several frames on a page do not look good. A good rule of thumb is not to contain more than three frames on your page. If you can pass up frames altogether.

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