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Find the maximum torque - I-section:

An I-section 150 × 80 mm has flanges 6 mm thick and web 4 mm thick. Discover the maximum torque that may be safely applied if the shear stress is limited to 30 N/mm2 and twist per metre length to 6o. G = 80 GPa.


∑ h t 2  = 2 × 80 × 62  + 150 × 42  = 8160 mm3

T = τmax . (1/3) (∑ h t 2 ) = 30 × (1 /3) × 8160 = 81, 600 N-mm

∑ h t3  = 2 × 80 × 63  + 150 × 43  = 44,160 mm4

θ=        3Tl  / G (∑ h t3 )


⇒         6 × (π /180) =        3T × 1000 / (80 × 103 × 44160)

∴          T = 123318 N-mm

∴ T = 44,160 N-mm (least value).

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