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Q. A beam made of C.I. having section of 50mm external diameter and 25 mm internal diameter is supported at 2 points 4 m apart. The beam carries concentrated load of 100N at the centre of it. Find out maximum bending stress induced in beam. 

2006_maximum bending stress.png
This problem is case of simply supported beam with the load at its midpoint, and in this case the maximum bending moment = M = WL/4
1184_maximum bending stress1.png...(i)
Let  I = The moment of inertia = 2137_maximum bending stress2.png
1921_maximum bending stress3.png
We know that

Maximum stress at the time of Bending moment (at  y = 25mm) = M.y/I
= (100 × 103 × 25)/287621.4 = 8.69 N/mm2

The maximum bending stress = 8.69 N/mm2 .......ANS 

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