Explain why f must be a di?erentiable function, Mathematics

Let f : R3 → R be de?ned by:
                                       f(x, y, z) = xy2+ x3z4+ y5z6

a) Compute ~ ∇f(x, y, z) , and evaluate ~ ∇f(2, 1, 1) .

b) Brie?y explain why f must be a di?erentiable function (you just need to "look" at the equations for the partial derivatives).

c) Find D~uf(2, 1, 1) where ~u is a unit vector in the direction of ~v = h4, 3,-1i .

d) Find an equation for the plane which is tangent to the surface de?ned by

xy2+ x3z4+ y5z6= 11

 at the point (2, 1, 1) .

e) Use di?erentials to approximate the value of f(2.01, 1.02, 0.97) . Use a calculator to
?nd a more accurate value, and compare.

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