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Typhoid vaccine is recommended for travellers to developing countries in Central and South America, Africa and Asia, especially if they plan a long stay or may be living in unhygienic conditions. A purified capsular polysaccharide parenteral vaccine (Typhim Vi - Aventis Pasteur) for adults and children > 2 years old is given as a single IM dose at least 2 weeks before departure. A booster is recommended every 2 years.

A live-attenuated oral vaccine (Vivotif Berna - Berna Products) is available for adults and children > 6 years old. It is taken every other day as a single capsule (at least 1 hour before eating) for a total of 4 capsules, beginning no later than 2 weeks before departure; it protects for about 5 years. Gastrointestinal disturbance is common. Antibiotics should be avoided from the day before the first capsule until 2 days after the last.


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