Explain throw-away prototyping and evolutionary prototyping, Software Engineering

Q. Explain throw-away prototyping and evolutionary prototyping. Discuss the differences between the two.

Ans Throw-Away Prototyping as well called close ended prototyping.

Throwaway or else Rapid Prototyping refers to the creation of a model that will eventually be discarded rather than becoming part of the final delivered software. Rapid Prototyping engaged creating a working model of various parts of the system at a very early stage after a relatively short investigation. The method utilized in building it is usually quite informal the most important factor being the speed with which the model is provided. The model then turns into the starting point from which users can re-examine their expectations and clarify their requirements. When this has been accomplished the prototype model is thrown away and the system is formally developed based on the identified requirements.

The most apparent reason for using Throwaway Prototyping is that it can be done quickly. If the users are able to get quick feedback on their requirements they may be able to refine them early in the development of the software. Speed is vital in implementing a throwaway prototype since with a limited budget of time and money little is able to be expended on a prototype that will be discarded. Strength of throwaway prototyping is its capability to construct interfaces that the users can test. The user interface is what the client sees as the system and by seeing it in front of them it is much easier to grasp how the system will work.

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