Explain the working of a weighted register d/a converter, Computer Engineering

With the help of a neat diagram, explain the working of a weighted-resistor D/A converter.


Weighted Register D/A Converter:


2123_Weighted Register.png

Digital input that has 4 bits is applied to a register network throughout electronic switch. Such electronic switch generates current I at MSB (consequent to Logic 1), I/2 at the subsequent lower significant position. The whole current produced will be proportional to digital input. Such current can be converted to consequent voltage by using an op-ampere. Circuit of this convertor is referred to as weighted register converter because the resistance values are weighted in accordance along with the binary weights.

The current Ii is specified by

Ii = IN-1 + I N-2 + ........+ I0 where  IN-1 = VN-1/ R, IN-2 = VN-2/ 2R, IN-3 = VN-3/4 R and also V(O) if bn = 0 and VN = V(1) if bn = 1

For straight binary inputs V(0) = 0 and V(1) = - VR and the output voltage is specified by:

V0 = -[-VR] [(RF/R) bn-1 +(RF/2n ) bn-1 +(RF/22R) bn-1 +_______________(RF/2n-1R) b0]

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