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(a) Describe briefly the difference between flow control and congestion control in relation to a connection-oriented protocol such as TCP.

(b) What is the initial rate of data transfer in the slow start phase of TCP congestion control, if the MSS is 1200 bytes and an average RTT of 500 milliseconds?

(c) Each host on the Internet is currently assigned an IP address 32 bits long (IPv4). IPv4 addresses are usually written as a series of four decimal numbers. IPv4 addresses traditionally belong to one of five classes of address, depending on the type of network.

i. Describe the structure of Class C address and a type of network it is suited for.

ii. Give two advantages of creating subnets within a larger network.

iii. On an isolated network two hosts have been configured to work on the same subnet with IP addresses and Can this configuration work? What would the subnet mask need to be?

iv. How is IPv6 different from IPv4?

(d) Define and explain the purpose of the following protocols:

ii. ICMP
iii. BGP

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