Explain the term smooth and rigid binding, Other Subject


a) What do you understand by the terms Forward Kinematics and Inverse Kinematics? Provide an example of an application for each term?

b) Explain the term Smooth and Rigid binding. Which one would be the most appropriate in modeling a hand and why?

c) With reference to the diagram below, show where you are going to place the bones for the crane.(redraw the bones in your answer sheet). Which tool in Maya 8.5 helps you to achieve this?

d) Describe the term Parenting as used in Maya 8.5? How it can be used to link the crane arms to the bones ?

e) Which kind of kinematics would be the most appropriate for the crane. Support your answer?

f) If you were to implement inverse kinematics for the crane, how would you proceed using Maya 8.5. What tool helps you to do this?

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