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Explain the Techniques of Numerical Taxonomy

Many other techniques of numerical taxonomy are available now, some with special objectives.

Classification based on the methods of numerical taxonomy almost  certainly have some phyletic component as they result to some extent from similarities due to common ancestry.

As mentioned before, usually no 'a priori' weighting or extra weight age is given to characters employed in numerical taxonomy. However, once the procedure outlined above have been completed and a classification constructed, it is then possible to reconsider the characters used and to determine which are good characters. That is, which are constant and highly correlated with other characters. These characters are then given special weighting in the diagnosis of taxa and identification with the help of keys. Such weighting is said to be 'a posterior' or 'correltion' weighting.

The development of computer techniques in numerical taxonomy, have been proved useful for various other applications such as in key construction automatic identification programs, in storage and retrievel of taxonomic data and in studies on evolutionary pathways.

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