Explain the role of a database administrator, Database Management System

Explain the Role of a database administrator

a. Defining the Schema 

 The DBA describes the schema which consists of the structure of the data in the application.

The DBA defines what data needs to be present in the system ad how this data has to be denoted and organized. 

b. Liaising with Users 

The DBA wants to interact continuously with the users to understand the data in the system and its employ.

c. Defining Security & Integrity Checks 

 The DBA finds out about the access restrictions to be defined and demonstrates security checks accordingly. Data Integrity checks are as well defined by the DBA.

d. Defining Backup / Recovery Procedures 

 The DBA as well defines processes for backup and recovery. Defining backup procedures involves specifying what data is to backed up, the periodicity of taking backups and as well the medium and storage place for the backup data. 

E. Monitoring Performance 

The DBA has to incessantly check the performance of the queries and take measures to optimize all the queries in the application.

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