Explain the principle of particle playground, Other Subject

Question 1:

(a) Given that you have 2 square objects, Object 1 and Object 2, in a scene and that you are required to make the position property of the Object 1 dependent on that of the rotation property of Object 2. Explain how this could be achieved in After Effects.

(b) Provide the resulting expressions for the Object 1's position attribute and Object2 Rotation attribute based on (b).

(c) Explain how you would go about creating a Text Effect preset in After Effects.

Question 2:

(a) Explain the principle of Particle Playground.
(b) Give steps of how the above could be used to generate snow particles in a movie.

Question 3:

(a) Describe what you understand by a NULL Object and an Adjustment Layer in After Effects.

(b) Show how a NULL Object can be useful in creating a 3D scene in After Effects assuming you already have a 3D Composition and its relative camera and light objects.

(c) Suppose you are given 7 layers, show how you would color correct the layers.
(d) Indicate how you would animate the color correction effect you use with a sound file.

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