Explain the concept of linking and relocation, Basic Computer Science

Question 1 Write an assembly language program to find the highest among two numbers

Question2 Draw and explain the internal architecture of 8085 briefly

Question3 Explain the concept of Linking and Relocation

Question4 Define macros and procedures. In what way is Procedures better than macros

Question5 Explain the function of any 3 flag of a 8086 flag register with examples

Question6 What are the advantages of the MOVS and CMPS instructions over the MOV and CMP instructions? Explain

Question7 What is interrupt? How does the computer respond to interrupts? Explain

Question8 Draw and explain Process states and state changes

Question9 Explain the 8288 Bus controller

Question10 Explain how 8086 and its coprocessor interacts when an instruction is executed by the coprocessor

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