Explain the command line parameters, C/C++ Programming

Explain the Command Line Parameters?

The Command line arguments are parameters supplied to a program from the operating system. These arguments are parameters accepted to main function from the operating system. Most versions of C programming permit two such arguments which are called argv and argc, respectively. The argc must be an integer type variable and the argv is an array of pointers to characters that is the array of strings. Every string in this array will represent a parameter that is passed to main. The value of argc will point to the number of parameters passed.

The universal form of main function will be in the form:

main (int argc, char *argv[ ] )

A program execution is detained by specifying the name of the program within a menu-driven environment. Some compilers as well permit s program to be executed by specifying the name of the program at the operating system level. The name is after that interpreted as an operating system command. Therefore the line in which it appears is generally referred to as a command line. 

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