Explain several ways that companies learn from their mistake, Operation Management

What perceptual problems do managers need to overcome with failures? How can these perceptual problems be minimized? 2. Describe the experiential learning process that companies, mentioned in this case study, apply to learn from their mistakes and failures. A 1-2 page answer to the questions must be submitted by midnight on Sunday of this week. Only papers attached & uploaded in Blackboard will be accepted and graded. Remember to use APA formatting when citing sources. Case Study Case Synopsis Coca-Cola Chairman and former CEO E. Neville Is dell knows that the best companies embrace their mistakes and learn from them. That's why Is dell does not mind rhyming off the list of Coke's failures over the years. In fact, he is keen to convince employees and shareholders that he will tolerate the failures that will inevitably result from the bigger risks that he wants Coke to take. At the same time, say analysts, balancing a learning culture with a performance culture is a perennial challenge. Intuit, the tax software company, thinks it has a solution. When one of its marketing strategies recently flopped, the company celebrated the failure and spent a lot of time dissecting it. This BusinessWeek case study describes several ways that companies learn from their mistakes while still maintaining a strong focus on performance and the bottom line.

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