Explain senning procedure, Biology

Explain Senning Procedure ?

Operation is performed by ascending arteries and separate SVC and IVC cannulation. If the operation is done under deep hypothermic circulatory arrest (DHCA) a single right atrial cannula is used. After aorta is cross-clamped and cold cardioplegia is given into the aortic root, a trap door incision is made on the right atiium. Another longitudinal incision is made on the lest atrium in front of right superior and inferior pulmonary veins. Foramen Ovale is closed and cutting back on to the corollary sinus and on to the atrial septuin a flap is raised. The septa1 flap is sewn to the posterior atrial wall on to the left and superior to the left pulmonary vein openings. The right margin of right atriotomy is then suturcd to the medial flap of the septa1 incision so that the SVC and IVC blood will flow to the mitral valve. Finally the medial flap of trap door like right atriotomy is sutured to the lateral flap of the left atriolomy to complete the operation.

Alternatively, in situ pericardium could be utilized to make lateral wall of the pathway for pulmonary venous blood to the tiicuspid valve. Interrupted sutures are used in places so as to allow growth as the child grows. The advantage of Senning over Mustard operation is that the babies own atrial tissue is used and it grows with the baby.


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