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Q. Explain Rodent Control and pests?

In any food establishment, varieties of insects, pests and rodents pose a big threat to the maintenance of hygienic surroundings. They contaminate food with hair, fur, droppings, eggs and dead bodies, as you have already learnt earlier. They can also czuse considerable damage to food stocks and premises. The common pests found in food processing and food service establishments include tvvo groups of insects, the flies and cockroaches, which are the important carriers of food borne diseases. Flies feed indiscriminately on waste matter, animal wastes and on food from kitchens. The housefly may successively visit a dirty cup, clean glass, a waste material and a dish containing cooked food. The flies leave an invisible trail of bacterial and other disease causing germs. Remember, housefly can spread typhoid, dysentry and diarrhoea. They may also have a part in spreading cholera and many other diseases.

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