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Q. Explain Relative Addressing Scheme?

In this addressing technique the register R is the program counter (PC) which contains the address of current instruction being executed. Operand field A comprises the displacement (negative orpositive) of adata or instruction with respect to current instruction. This addressing scheme has benefits if memory references are nearer to current instruction being executed. (Please refer to the Figure below). 

896_Explain Relative Addressing Scheme.png

Let's give an illustration of Index, Base and Relative addressing techniques. 

Illustration 1: What would be the effective address and operand value for following LOAD instructions?

(i)    LOAD   IA   56 R1 Where IA signifies index addressing and R1 is index register and 56 is the displacement in Hexadecimal.

(ii)   LOAD BA 46 B1 Where BA signifies base addressing and B1 is base register and46 is the displacement specified in instruction in Hexadecimal notation.

(iii)  LOAD RA 36 Where RA signifies relative addressing. 

 The values of memory and registers is given below:

1500_Explain Relative Addressing Scheme1.png

The values are displayed in the below table:

597_Explain Relative Addressing Scheme2.png

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