Explain points-based incentive program, Operation Management

Like other large airlines, Global Airlines has a points-based incentive program. Customers who who join Global's FreeMiles program earn points by purchasing tickets from Global or by using their member number when purchasing goods and services from the Global's business partners (hotels, rental-car companies, florists, and even movie-rental companies). The points can then be put toward the purchase of tickets for future flights.

You work in the office that runs this program. Lately, some of Global's business partners have been grumbling that they are not getting enough business through this program. These are companies with big name recognition, and they feel they should be getting more for letting Global use their names to attract frequent flyers.

So your boss directs you to design an email for the FreeMiles members announcing a special promotion that will generate more business for your partners. You will be offering your readers an opportunity to earn up to 25,000 bonus miles if they register for the promotion. Once they have registered, the number of purchases they make from your non-airline partners in a designated two-month period will determine how many bonus miles they will get. They will earn 1,000 extra miles per separate purchase, up to 25,000 miles. (Readers will find what "separate purchase" means when they go to the registration website.)

Carefully consider the persuasive, logistical, and visual elements to include and then write a message.

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