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Explain Leadership.

Leadership: Leadership is the knacks of finding other people to follow you and do willingly the things which you want them to do. This is the capability to persuade others to seek required objectives enthusiastically. This is the human factor, which binds a group together and motivates this towards goals.

 "Leadership is the capability of a manager to induce subordinates to work along with confidence and zeal."-Koontz and O'Donnell.               

 "A leader is one who directs and guides other people and provides their efforts the purpose and direction" - Louise.A.Allen

In the management literature, each manager is a leader. Leadership is a process of interpersonal influence. This is a mix of inspiration, communication and motivation. This aims at the pursuit of common goals. This is a continuous managerial exercise. This rests on power quite than on the formal authority of the manager. A leader as a manager plays several roles. He stimulates followers in the direction of performance by inspiring them by his charisma and outstanding personal traits. He assists the enterprise in too efficient and effective attainment of common objectives. A leader is an expert, co-ordinator, philosopher and strategy - designer, example are: integrator and representative of his group.

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