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1. Using a cause and effect diagram (Fish-bone chart), Scatter Diagram, flowchart or Statistical Process control chart, analyze the data and present conclusions.

2. How could the survey have been more useful?

3. What is the next step?

Background Data: Just an FYI. Survey data is what the problem is based on.

20,000 students, usually in top 20 in college football rankings. Hired Bo Petterno in 2003 as head coach. One of his demands on joining was a new stadium. Construction to begin ater the 2009 season ended allowing 270 days until 2010 season opening game. Current stadium has seating for 54,000 fans. Prior to hiring Pitterno, attendance averaged 25,000-29,000 per game. Attendance has increase over the last 6 years up to as much as 50,100. Avg ticket price of $50 in 2010 and a 5% increase each year after. President wants to expand the current facility and Pitterno wants to build new facility.


a.) The lines at the concession stands were too long. b.) Parking was harder to find and farther away than in the old days (before the team won regularly) c.) Seats weren't comfortable. d.) Traffic was backed up halfway to Dallas.

Survey: 250 respondents

Overall Grade


Game Day A. Parking 90 105 45 5 5

B. Traffic 50 85 48 52 15

C. Seating 45 30 115 35 25

D. Entertainment 160 35 26 10 19

E. Printed Program 66 34 98 22 30

Tickets A. Pricing 105 104 16 15 10

B. Season Ticket Plans 75 80 54 41 0

Concessions A. Prices 16 116 58 58 2

B. Selection Of Foods 155 60 24 11 0

C. Speed Of Service 35 45 46 48 76

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