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Q. Explain effort adjustment factor?

All of the 15 attributes receives a rating on a six-point scale that ranges from very low to extra high (in importance or value). An endeavour multiplier from the table below applies to the rating. The product of each effort multipliers results in an effort adjustment factor (EAF). Usual values for EAF range from 0.9 to 1.4.

716_Effort adjustment factor.png

The Intermediate Cocomo formula currently takes the form


Where E is the effort applies in person-months KLOC is the estimated number of thousands of delivered lines of code for the project and EAF is the factor computed above. The coefficient ai as well as the exponent bi are given in the next table.

Software project        ai         bi

Organic                       3.2       1.05

Semi-detached            3.0       1.12

Embedded                  2.8       1.20

The Development time D computation uses E in the same way as in the Basic COCOMO.

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