Explain discretionary access control, Database Management System


(a) Given the following relation:

Stats(Name,Sex,Children, Occupation, Salary, Tax, Audits) Write SQL code to define the following security constraints:

(i) User Ford RETRIEVE privileges over the entire relation.

(ii) User Smith INSERT, DELETE privileges over the entire relation.

(iii) User Nash RETRIEVE privileges over the entire relation and UPDATE privileges over the SALARY AND TAX attributes(only).

(iv) User Todd RETRIEVE privileges over NAME, SALARY AND TAX attributes only.

(v) User Pope full privileges(RETRIEVE,UPDATE,INSERT,DELETE) over tuples for preachers only.

(b) In the context of security, demonstrate your understanding on the following terms: (support your answers with appropriate examples wherever possible).

(i) Discretionary Access Control.

(ii) Mandatory Access Control.

(iii) Audit Trail.

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