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(a) In JavaScript, the Window Object is commonly used to request information from a user or to output some results. Give three ways how to create instances of the Window Object.

(b) Write HTML extract codes for an ordered list consisting of three items as follows:

- the text for the first item should be "Bee Gees"
- for the second one, it should be "Beatles"
- the last item should be a hyperlink to

Note: The bullets must be in Romans.

(c) How does Cascading Style Sheets allow you to control the appearance of hyperlinks?

(d) Write a JavaScript program that prompt a user to enter an integer ‘n' which will be used to construct an HTML table of squares of integers up to and including integer ‘n'. The table should have two columns: the first for the integer ‘n' and the second for the square of ‘n'.

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