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Brainstorming and Prewriting:

Test administrators will tell you how much time you will have to write the essay.Most state assessments are 90 minutes long. The first 30 minutes are slated for prewriting, and the next 60 are allowed for rough drafting and the final draft. The test administrators should inform you of these time increments, but if they don't, keep them in mind anyway.

    Brainstorming and prewriting are crucial to your essay. Listing, webbing, and clustering are usually the quickest ways to get out your ideas.Dividing your paper into pro and con columns is a great way to brainstorm a take a stand issue.

    Focus on your opinion or plan. Ask yourself these questions while you are brainstorming: What do I believe about this situation or problem? Or how can I develop a plan of action to work toward a solution about this problem?

    Narrow ideas into two or three main points. Look over what you have written. What carries the most weight for you? What packs the most punch? You may have several items listed, so think about the most important ones and circle these items. These circled items will be the focus of your body paragraphs later on.


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