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Q. Explain Basic Control Systems?

Electric energy is widely used in practice, because of the ease with which the system and device performance can be reliably controlled. One of themajor areas of electrical engineering of interest to all engineers is control and instrumentation. Instrumentation is integrated throughout the book in sections on electric circuits, electronic analog and digital systems, energy systems, and information systems. This final chapter serves to introduce a variety of methods by which the performance of physical systems is controlled. By focusing on control aspects, the integration of many of the concepts used in the preceding chapters is effected.

Systems is a term used in many fields of study: economics, ecology, social and physical sciences. The catchword is used to describe an assemblage of components, subsystems, and interfaces arranged or existing in such a fashion as to perform a function or functions in order to achieve a goal. Control refers to the function or purpose of the system we wish to discuss. Control is almost always realized not by a single component, such as a transistor, resistor, or motor, but by an entire system of components and interfaces.

Control systems influence our everyday lives just as much as some of the other areas of electrical engineering. Examples abound in practice: household appliances, manufacturing and processing plants, and navigational and guidance systems, in which concepts of the analysis and design of control systems are utilized. A control system, in general, can be viewed as an interconnection of components-electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, thermal, etc.-so as to obtain a desired function in an efficient and accurate manner. The control engineer is concerned with the control of industrial processes and systems. The concepts of control engineering are not limited to any particular branch of engineering. Hence, a basic understanding of control theory is essential to every engineer involved in the understanding of the dynamic behavior of various systems.

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