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Q. Explain about Utility analysis?

A subset of consumer demand theory which analysis consumer behaviour and market demand employing marginal utility and total utility. Key principle of utility analysis is the law of diminishing marginal utility that provides an explanation for the law of demand and negative slope of the demand curve. The major focus of utility analysis is on the fulfilment of wants and needs developed by the utilization of goods. It furthermore facilitates in getting the knowledge of market demand and the law of demand. Law of demand by way of utility analysis defines that consumer's buy goods which fulfil their wants and needs, which implies create utility. Those goods which create more utility are more significant to consumers and therefore buyers are prepared to pay a higher price. The key aspect to the law of demand is that utility created falls when quantity consumed rises. So the demand price which buyers are prepared to pay falls when quantity demanded rises.

The law of diminishing marginal utility asserts that marginal utility or extra utility acquired from consuming a good, falls as quantity consumed rises. Essentially every extra good consumed is less fulfilling as compared to the previous one. This law is mostly vital for awareness into market demand and the law of demand.

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