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Q. Explain about of Unicode?

This is a newer International standard for character representation. Unicode offers a unique code for each character irrespective of Program, platform and Language. Unicode Standard has been accepted by Industry. The key players which have adopted Unicode involve Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Sun, Sybase, Unisys and many other companies. Unicode has been used in most of latest client server software. Unicode is needed by modern standards such as XML, Java, JavaScript, and CORBA 3.0. It is supported in various operating systems and almost all modern web browsers. Unicode comprises character set of Dev Nagari. The emergence of Unicode Standard and availability of tools supporting it is among most important recent global software technology trends.

One of the main benefits of Unicode in client-server or multi-tiered applications as well as websites is cost saving over use of legacy character sets which results in targeting website and software products across multiple languages, platforms and countries without the need of re-engineering. So it helps in data transfer by a number of different systems without any compatibility problems. In India suitability of Unicode to implement Indian languages is still being worked out.

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