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Q. Explain about Interest rate?

When you borrow money, you normally have to pay a fee for the loan. This fee is frequently known as interest, especially if the fee is proportional to amount you borrow. Interest rate is commonly represented as a percentage of the size of the loan per unit of time, characteristically per year. If interest rate is 10% per year, you should, for instance, pay 1,000 per year if you borrow 10,000. 

Interest rate may be floating orfixed. If it is fixed, you would pay the same percentage for the complete duration of the loan. With a floating interest rate, interest rate will change regularly depending on market conditions.

Interest rate for a specific loan relies on the general level of interest rates as well as the specifics of the loan. Factors like risk (probability that loan won't be repaid), duration of the loan and whether you select a fixed or a floating rate will influence the interest rate.

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