Explain about fundamental nature of a computer, Computer Engineering

Q. Explain about fundamental nature of a Computer?

The fundamental nature of a Computer is as an information transformer. So a computer should be able to take input and process it sub sequentially produce output. The key questions here are as below:

How is Information represented in a computer? Well it's in form of Binary Digit known as Bit. How is input and output presented in a form which is understood by us?

One of the minimum necessities in this case can be to have a representation for characters. So a mechanism which fulfils such requirement is needed. In Computers information is represented in digital form so to represent characters in computer we require codes. A number of common character codes are EBCDIC, ASCII and ISCII etc. How is the arithmetic calculations executed through these bits?  We need to signify numbers in binary and must be able to carry out operations on these numbers.

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