Explain about data segment, Computer Engineering


 NUM1            DB      15h;     First number 

 NUM2            DB      20h;     Second number 

RESULT DB?  ; Put sum here

 CARRY DB? ; Put any carry here



                        ASSUME CS:CODE, DS:DATA

START:MOV AX, DATA; Initialise data segment

 MOV DS, AX; register using AX

MOV AL, NUM1; Bring the first number in AL

                        ADD AL, NUM2; Add the 2nd

                        Number to AL

                        MOV RESULT, AL; Store the result

                        RCL AL, 01; rotate carry into Least Significant Bit (LSB)

                        AND AL, 00000001B; Mask out all but LSB

                        MOV CARRY, AL; Store the carry 

                        MOV AX, 4C00h; Terminate to DOS 

 INT 21h



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