Examples of solve quadratic equations by factorization, Mathematics

Provide me some Examples of solve quadratic equations by Factorization


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try this, these examples will assist you.

Solve the following equation via factorization

i. 6x2 = 18x

ii. 15x2 + 16x = 15


i. 6x2 = 18x

6x2 - 18x = 0    (step 1)                       

6x(x - 3) = 0    (step 2)                       

6x = 0  (step 3)                       

And x - 3 = 0

∴ x = 0 or x = 3            (by step 4)      

ii. 15x2 + 16x = 15

15x2 + 16x - 15 = 0     (step 1)                      

(5x - 3) (3x +5) = 0      (step 2)                       

(5x - 3) = 0} Step 3                                                                 

{3x + 5 = 0}

∴ x = - 5/3 or +3/5      (step 4)

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