Examples of attribute data relevant for a power utility, Electrical Engineering

Examples of attribute data relevant for a power utility:

Examples of attribute data relevant for a power utility are given below.

•          Consumer data such as category wise number of consumers and connected load including the Bulk Consumer details such as

1          Contract demand,

2          Maximum demand,

3          Energy consumption, and

4          Supply voltage.

•          Network data

1          source(s) of power supply/grid substation(s) supplying power to the area,

2          existing substations, and

3          existing lines.

1754_Examples of attribute data relevant for a power utility.png

Figure: Attributes for HT, LT lines

•          Demand data

1          peak demand MW/MVAR - simultaneous and non simultaneous, and

2          annual Energy Consumption data.

•          Sub-Transmission System

1          existing 66-33/11 kV substations and existing 66-33 kV lines,

2          under construction substations, and

3          under construction 66/33/11 kV lines.

•          Distribution System

1          11 kV lines,

2          distribution transformers, and

3          LT lines.

•          Operational parameters

1          Substation equipment status,

2          66/33 kV feeder breakdowns,

3          failure of distribution transformers,

4          tripping on 11 KV feeders/lines, and

5          consumer outages.


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