Example programmes for parallel systems-adding element, Computer Networking

Example Programmes for Parallel Systems

Now we shall complete this with the examples on shared memory programming.

Example 13: Adding elements of an array using two processor int sum, A[ n] ; //shared variables

void main ( ){

int i ;

for (i=0; i

// now create process to be implemented by processor P1

fork(1) add (A,n/2,n-1, sum); // process to add elements from index n/2 to -

1.sum is output variable         // now create process to be implemented by processor

 P0                                                                                           add (A,0,n/2-1, sum);

join 1 ;

printf ("%d", sum);


add (int A[ ], int lower, int upper, int sum) {

int sum1=0, i;

 for (i=lower; i<=upper; i++)


lock sum;


unlock sum ;


In this program, the last half of the array is passed to processor P1 which adds them. Meanwhile processor P0 adds the first half of the array. The variable sum is locked to avoid inconsistency.

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