Example of rational inequalities, Algebra

Solve (3x+ 1/ x + 4 ) ≥ 1.


The first thing that we have to do here is subtract 1 from both of sides and then get everything in a single rational expression.

 (3x + 1/ x + 4) -1 ≥ 0

(3x + 1/x+4) - (x + 4/x+4) ≥ 0

 (3x +1 - ( x + 4))/ x + 4  ≥ 0

2 x - 3 / x + 4 ≥ 0

In this case there is no factoring to do thus we can go straight to recognizing where the numerator & denominator are zero.

numerator : x = 3/2                         denominator : x = -4

Following is the number line for this problem.

322_Rational Inequalities.png

Okay, we desire values of x that give positive and/or zero in the rational expression. It looks like the outer two regions as well as x = 3/2        .  As with the first instance we will have to avoid x = -4 since that will give a division by zero error.

Then the solution for this problem is,

-∞ < x < -4    and            3/2 ≤ x < ∞

( -∞, -4)       and         [3 , ∞ )

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