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The current sales of M/s ABC are Rs.100 lakhs. Through relaxing the credit standards the firm can produce additional sales of Rs.15 lakhs on that bad debt losses would be 10 percent.  The variable cost for the firm is, 80 percent average collection period ACP is 40 days and post tax cost of funds is 10 % and the tax rate applicable to the firm is 40%. Determine whether the firm must relax credit standards or not?


?   NP = [ ? S (1-V) - ? S bn] (1-t) - k ? I

?   NP = [15 (1-.80) - 15 × .1] (1-.4) -.10 × (15/360)  × 40 ×.80

= [3 -1.5] (.6) -.1333

=.9 -.1333

=.7667 × 1,00,000


As the impact of change in credit standards outcomes in a positive change in total profits thus the proposed change must be accepted.

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