Evaluate the diameter of the pizza box, Mathematics

If the area of a small size pizza is 78.5 in2, what size pizza box would required for the small pizza? (Note: Pizza boxes are calculated according to the length of one side.)

a. 12 in

b. 11 in

c. 9 in

d. 10 in

d. The area of a small pizza is 78.5 in2. The question requires us to evaluate the diameter of the pizza in order to choose the most appropriate box. Area is similar to πr2. Thus, 78.5 = πr2; divide by π (3.14); 78.5 ÷ 3.14 = πr2 ÷ 3.14; 25 = r2; 5 = r. The diameter is twice the radius or 10 inches. Thus, the box is also 10 inches.

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