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Q. The loop gain of an elementary feedback control system(see Figure) is given by G(s)·H(s), which is 10/(1+s/2)(1+s/6)(1+s/50). Sketch the asymptotic Bode plot of the loop-gain function. Gainmargin (GM) is defined by [-20 log| ¯G(ωπ) ¯H(ωπ)|], which is the negative of the magnitude of the loop gain at ω = ωπ ,ωπ represents the angular frequency at which the loop gain reaches a phase of -π. If ωu represents the value of ω where the loop gain has a magnitude of unity, then phase margin (PM) is defined by the phase of the loop gain at ω = ωu plus π. Evaluate GM and PM for this case from the asymptotic Bode plot.

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