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Q. Evaluate Certainty Equivalent Coefficient?

Illustration: - Presume the risky cash flow is Rs. 200000 and the riskless cash flow is Rs. 140000.

The Certainty Equivalent Coefficient =  140000 /  200000 = 0.7      

Steps occupied in Certainty Equivalent Coefficient Method: - The variety of steps involved in the certainty equivalent coefficient method is:

(1) First Step: - Initially the certainty comparable coefficient has to be calculated for each year of a project.

(2) Second Step: - Secondly the risk-adjusted cash flow of a project for every year has to be calculated. The risk-adjusted cash flow of a year is able to be calculated as follows:

Risk-Adjusted Cash Flow = Estimated Cash flow for the year X Certainty Equivalent Coefficient

(3) Third Step: - Thirdly we have to determine the present value of the capital project. The present value of the Capital Project is able to be found by adopting the following procedure. Initial the risk-adjusted cash flow for every year should be multiplied by the present value factor or discount factor applicable to that year to get the present value of the risk-adjusted cash flow of every year.

(4) Fourth Step: - Fourthly we have to conclude the net present value of the project. The net present value of the project will be

Present Value of the Project                                                   -----------

Less: Initial Investment on the Project                                   -----------

Net Present Value of the Project                                            -----------

 (5) Fifth Step: - Subsequent to the NPV of a project is calculated decision is taken as to the selection of the project.

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