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Multiple perspectives reveal both similarities and differences in how the event was experienced. There are multiple perspectives on a specific event. Many people believed that people viewed the Japanese Internment Camps differently than others. Two specific groups, the government, and the Public thought this experience was right and it was justice to them. One specific person, Jeanne Houston, from Farewell to Manzanar had a unique perspective from the government and the public. Farewell to Manzanar is a novel written by Jeanne Houston, about her life before, during, and after the internment camps. Multiple perspectives help us understand different views on a specific event.

The Nisei, the second generation of Japanese in America also suffered losses like their parents, the Issei. They too were forced to leave every most of their things like the Issei. Jeanne, from a novel Farewell To Manzanar, thought of this trip as fun and very adventurous. This quote," Moving, under what appeared to be government protection, an area less directly threatened by the war seemed not such a bad idea at all. For some it actually sounded like a fine adventure." (Houston 15-16). This quote is significant because Jeanne is viewing the experiencing the same event as the Issei but she is having fun and think that going to internment camps is very fun and it is going to be like a vacation. Her perspective is different from the Issei and the public because she was a little 7 year old girl who did not understand what was going on and thought that this trip was a fun vacation. One of the factors that this contributes to the difference is Jeanne's age. She does not understand why they were put in internment camps and why staying in internment camps were shameful and bad for them. Another quote from Farewell to Manzanar, "Inside was an explosion of laughter, hysterical, tension-breaking laughter that left my brothers choking and whacking each other across the shoulders." (Houston 18). This quote is significant because despite them knowing that going to the internment camps was a shameful thing, they were laughing and living the moment of their life. They are enjoying their happy moments before going to the internment camps. One of the factors that contribute to this difference is that they are trying to avoid the truth that is going to befall on them after a few more hours. They know that they going to an awful place yet they try not to come in their way while they are living their life.

The government also had a completely different perspective of the internment camps than Jeanne Houston. The Government said that the Japanese deserved to be put in internment camps and they took the right decision to put them in internment camps. A quote from an article, "The Japanese Camps in California World War II West Coast" By  Mark, Weber states that, "Not knowing how the people would act, we did the smartest thing we could do, because they could have been spies and could have felt sorry for their homeland." This quote is significant because this quote is the exact opposite of what Jeanne's perspective was. This quote is about how the government did the right thing by interning any person that belonged to Japanese Ancestry. The government wanted to intern the Japanese Americans and the ancestry, if they did not, then there are chances that there are going to be problems in United States. They are trying to say that they had suspicion the Japanese were spies even though they were born in America. One of the factors that contribute to the differences are this is the government's point of view and they are for the internment camps. Another quote from the same article, The Japanese Camps in California World War II West Coast" By Mark, Weber states that, "The United States government did the right thing by interning the Japanese Americans because the United States Constitution should be upheld first and foremost." This quote is significant because it relies on the constitutions that people should get what they deserve. This quote is significant because it states that the constitution should be above everything that happens or has to do with a person's right. One of the factors contributed to this difference is that this is under the topic of the constitution and constitution is something we all respect.

The Issei, 1st generation was affected most by the Japanese internment camps because they lost everything they had, their houses, their jobs, their shops, and most of their belongings. In an article, "The Japanese Camps in California, World War II West Coast Camps for Japanese-Americans by Mark Weber" states that, "I am for immediate removal of every Japanese on the West Coast to a point deep in the interior. I do not mean a nice part of the interior either. Herd 'em up, pack 'em off and give 'em the inside room in the badlands. Let 'em be pinched, hurt, angry and dead up against it ...".This quote is significant because it is from an actual Japanese person who was interned about 70 years ago, and it states about how this guy was taken from his house to the internment camps and was treated miserably and how he uses "herd'em",   which means to have a group of cattle or other domestic animals of a single kind kept together for a specific purpose. This means Japanese were treated like animals.

These people viewed life in internment camps differentially because not everyone has the same brain. People think differently than other people. They view it differently because they have different cultural values and beliefs. They view it differently because they come of different places and the influence makes a difference as well. The factors that contribute to this difference is the way they view them. The age is a factor too because Jeanne was young and did not know what was going around and the other people knew what was going around. I learned a lot about how you compare different perspectives and how multiple perspectives help you a lot with a lot of information. I learned what factors contribute to the differences.

We learned a lot about the different types of perspectives and how they contribute to the differences between people. We learned the multiple perspectives and what they thought of the internment camps. We learned how to write an expository composition on multiple perspectives. By writing this essay, we learned many things

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