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Q. Era of first generation computers?

The trends that were encountered at the time of the era of first generation computers were:

  • Centralized control in a single CPU (all the operations needed a direct intervention of the CPU).
  • Use of ferrite-core main memory was begun during this time.
  • Concepts like use of virtual memory and index register started.
  • Punched cards were used for input device.
  • Magnetic drums and magnetic tapes were used as secondary memory.
  • Machine language or binary code was used for programming.
  • Towards the end because of difficulties encountered in use of machine language as programming language. The use of symbolic language that is now called as assembly language started.
  • Assembler a program that converts assembly language programs to machine language was developed.
  • Computer was available to only one programmer at a time (single user environment).
  • Advent of von-Neumann architecture.


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