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Write this decimal as a percent. .35

how do you find the equation of the line tangent to the circle: x^2=y^2=89 (5,-8)

I have 4 word problem on my review that I cant figure out. Can you help me?

Some of the grouping symbols are braces,brackets,and parentheses.

1. Kate ran 6 miles more than Peter ran. The sum of their distances is 28 miles. How far did Peter run? The domain of the solution is {0, 6, 11, 24}. a. Define your variable. b. Wr

Given a = 2^4 * 3^3 * 7 * 13 and b = 2^3 * 3^2 * 5^2 * 11 * 17 (Note ^ is my symbol for exponent) find the greatest common denominator of a and b. Find the least common mult

answer in scientific notation correct to the ten thousandths 471,598,000,000

what is a word problem for a nonlinear function?

show that -b/b-a may be properly changed to b/a-b...show steps

9-4x, for x=5 what is the answer