Elements of a gar model of risk assessment, Science

Question 1:

(a) Enumerate the five safety rules that you must observe at all times during boarding

(b) Show the six elements of a GAR model of risk assessment.

(c) What is an initial safety inspection?

(d) Identify the different level of suspicion and their purpose.

Question 2:

In day time you are on afloat patrol in the lagoon of Pointe Aux Sables. Along with you in the craft, are two of your colleagues. You suddenly notice a person wearing diving suit and equipment some 150 metres away in water. The person is in motion and apparently engaged in underwater fishing. You decide to check him to ensure that he is in compliance with law. You approach him and find a spear gun and two octopii in his possession.

(a) Briefly describe how you introduce yourself and how you proceed with the questioning of the party.

(b) During the interview, you find that an offence has been committed. describe in details how you will further proceed?

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