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what element is not grouped with others in a family? what is its usual atomic structure?

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What is the purpose of zone refining? In a binary phase diagram (pressure omitted), what is the maximum number of phases which can coexist for at least one degree of freedom?

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Dicarboxylic acids The acids consisting of two carboxylic groups are known as dicarboxylic acids. The saturated dicarboxylic acid are denoted by the general formula 2n (COOH

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Suffix - IUPAC System of Naming Organic Compounds The word root is associated to the suffix that may be primary or secondary or both of them. (a) Primary suffix: A

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Principle of atomic fluorescence spectrometry: In AFS, the analyte is converted within gaseous atoms in the ground state using a appropriate atomization technique. These are t

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Q. Requirements for the evaluation process? Some of the requirements to be kept in mind for the evaluation of the products are listed herewith: • People in a sensory test a

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