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The following data on calcium content of wheat are consistent with summary quantities that appeared in the article “Mineral Contents of Cereal Grains as Affected by Storage and Insect Infestation” (Journal of Stored Products Research [1992]). Four different storage times were considered. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the mean calcium content is not the same for the four different storage times? Test the appropriate hypotheses at the 0.05 level.

Storage Time Observations

0 months 57.94 58.91 56.85 55.21 57.30 58.75
1 month 56.43 56.51 57.67 59.75 58.48 58.87
2 months 60.38 58.01 59.95 59.51 60.34 59.13
3 months 58.76 60.03 59.36 59.61 61.95 62.32
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