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Q. A supermarket requires to develop software to encourage regular customers. For this the customer requires to supply his name address telephone number and driving license number. A customer is assigned an exclusive customer number (CN) by the computer. When a customer composes a purchase the value of the purchase is credited against his CN. At the end of every year surprise gifts to 10 customers who have made the highest purchase is given. Additionally a 22 carat gold coin is given to every customer who has made a purchase over USD 200/-. The entrance are reset on the last day of the year.

(i) Draw the context diagram

(ii) Give data dictionary entries for

  • address
  • CN
  • gold-coin-winner-list
  • totalsales

617_Draw the context diagram.png

Data dictionary entries for

address: name + house# + street# + city + pin

name: string

house#: string

street#: string

city: string

pin: integer

CN: {integer|character|spl. chararacter}*

Gold-coin-winner-list: {address}*

Total sales: integer

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