Draw enhanced er-diagram for hierarchy of a student database, Database Management System

Draw an EER diagram that captures the "is-a" hierarchy of students in another simple database. The database captures both the "basic" information (say, student ID and student name) and "additional" information about undergraduate students. A student may enrol in the BCSc degree program, the co-op program, or both (e.g., a BCSc student is-a student). For the BCSc student, the database records the year in which he is in (e.g., Year3, Year4) as "additional" information. Each co-op student can further be categorized into Canadian or international students. For the former, the database records his SIN; for the latter, the database records his work permit information (passport number and its issuing country, as well as the work permit number). Hint: Make sure you clearly identify the (disjoint vs. overlapping, total vs. partial) constraints.

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