Django and python junior developer, DOT NET Programming

Project Description:

We require an expert developer to work on several projects for our company. You will be managed by our senior developer.

Required - MUST be proficient in the subsequent:

Language: Python 2.7

Web framework: MVC, Django, templates

Database: MySQL, ad hoc queries, MongoDB and reports

Caching: memcached

Message queue: RabbitMQ, celery

Deployment: fabric

Source repository: git

Environment: AWS, Apache, Linux Ubuntu server, SES, CDN

Protocols: HTTP, FTP, SMTP

Front end: HTML/5, Javascript, CSS/3, AJAX

Data formats: XML, CSV, JSON

Video: JWPlayer, MP4, etc.

Must be fluent in English and be able to commit 40 HOURS every week. This is a LONG TERM position. More info available upon request.

Posted Date: 1/25/2014 5:53:54 AM | Location : United States

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