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Precast concrete jacking pipes, Question While precast concrete jackin...

Question While precast concrete jacking pipes , from time to time grout holes are calculated inside these precast pipes. Give specific and key reasons? Answer Grout h

How is skin friction and point resistance of a pile computed, Describe the ...

Describe the basic difference in the bearing capacity computation of shallow and deep foundations. How are skin frictions and point resistance of a pile computed?

What is thermodynamics?, Thermodynamics is concerned with the conversion of...

Thermodynamics is concerned with the conversion ofheat into mechanical energy or vice versa.  Heat usually generated through combustion of fossil fuelor nuclear reaction. Exa

Distomat, short note of distomat

short note of distomat

Explain in brief about the term - anchorage, Explain brief about the term -...

Explain brief about the term - Anchorage A device used to anchor tendons at the end of a concrete member is called as an anchorage in the case of post-tensioned concrete. In th

What is diaphragms in bridges, Q. What is Diaphragms in bridges? Diaph...

Q. What is Diaphragms in bridges? Diaphragms in bridges The principal function of diaphragms is to provide stiffening effect to deck slab in case bridge webs aren't situat

Explain basic need of design of shock transmission unit, Explain the Basic ...

Explain the Basic requirement of Design of shock transmission unit? The STU must withstand the specified design load. The stroke of the piston must be bigger than the movement

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